Try HypnoPass to reduce Driving test anxiety

Driving test nerves are normal.  You are in a situation that is completely outside of your comfort zone, and you are being judged on your ability to drive at a time when you may be overcome with driving test anxiety. You may be completely fine when taking lessons with your instructor but then find that your mind goes blank and everything goes out of the window on the day of your test.

Despite knowing that you are a good driver and ready to take this next step to independence, something seems to take over your brain and your body. You feel your heart pounding, as you struggle to breathe and think clearly.

Once again you hear those words. I am sorry but you have ‘FAILED’ your test. Even if it’s a small error, You feel so frustrated, angry, and fed up, like giving up. Not to mention the expense.

Learning to calm your nerves, can literally make the difference between another failure and those amazing words ‘You’ve passed!’.

Did you know that Hypnotherapy can help with performance and driving test anxiety? HypnoPass Therapy with Emma Bisdee can help calm your nerves and prepare you for the day of your test.

You might only need one session to help you prepare for the big day. Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful therapy that gently guides you into a relaxed state. You will work together with the hypnotherapist as they communicate with your deeper (unconscious mind) making subtle adjustments that can heal old wounds and change how you respond in this situation.

If you would like to reduce your driving test anxiety and you would like to book a HypnoPass session with Emma Bisdee, get in touch by filling in the form below or please call the Centre for further information.

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Driving Test Anxiety