Kara McCormack

Kara McCormack

Birth Preparation and Birth Trauma Specialist

Hello and a very warm welcome to my page.

I am a Registered Midwife, Registered Psychotherapist, and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist actively working in all these areas.

I work with clients providing Psychological, Physiological, and Bio-Mechanical Education for all the Antenatal, Intrapartum (birth), and Postnatal periods.


Prevention of Birth Trauma

Psychological preparation for childbirth is a crucial but often a missing part of antenatal education. Undertaking psychological preparation will enable you and your partner to approach the life-changing event of childbirth with confidence and resilience. You will be empowered and prepared to make the informed decisions you want, in each and every birthing scenario, and protect yourself from psychological trauma.


Birth Trauma

Research suggests 1 in 3 births are experienced as psychologically traumatic and women who experience birth trauma are seeking support. Partners who witnessed traumatic births are also now seeking support and the need to talk and process their thoughts and feelings.

I offer unique client-centred support and therapy to process and heal from birth trauma. I will support you to turn your birth trauma into a normal functioning memory and stop any negative emotions around your birth.



I teach Hypnobirthing as a norm in every birthing scenario.

Hypnobirthing is not a new phenomenon; it is what women and our ancestors have always done in uninterrupted labour and birth. I will teach you how to instinctively hypnobirth and remain in a positive, and safe, psychological space. You will instinctively listen to your body to learn and understand what it is telling you. Learn the manoeuvres your baby is making inside your body to twist and turn their way through your pelvis. You will learn the optimal positions you can be in to work with your baby, all whilst staying in a positive relaxed hypnobirthing state.

Professional and optimal hypnobirthing with informed medical physiology and psychology and hypnotherapy.



Psychological and practical education and preparation for caesareans. Did you know you can still hypnobirth in theatre?

Professional midwifery explanations and answers. Professional psychological support, insight and guidance.


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