Health Coach

Nelmarie Rennison

Qualified Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Life Coach

About Me

Nelmarie Rennison is a qualified  Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Life Coach at Cherry Tree Centre in Henley-on-Thames.

Nelmarie was born in South Africa but is privileged to have lived and worked in Russia, England, and North America.

“Born into a volatile household where addiction dictated the daily conditions, my first couple of years on earth was tough, having to survive constant mental abuse for my first 18 years. This led to anger issues, trouble building healthy relationships, and eating disorders. My childhood clearly left its mark on me. 

I made the decision early on that I would not let it define me or my future, and I realised that I had to seek help. 

The help I received empowered me to silence my inner critic and focus on healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. I choose to draw the positive from my past as it shaped me into who I am in the here and now – strong-willed and resilient, compassionate and empathetic and put me on a new journey to help myself and give of myself to help others.”

I invite anyone feeling angry and lost, not worthy, hurt, confused, experiencing self-hate and doubt, who desires lasting change, to a 45-minute discovery session. 

Nel’s passion is helping people with their relationship with food. The Why, How, When and Where are most of the time more important than the What to eat. As a Transformational Coach, she strongly believes we can change our bodies by transforming our minds and exploring the why beneath the why.



If you would like to book a consultation with Nelmarie Rennison, please get in touch.