Sally Beaton

Women’s Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach

Sally Beaton helps women with their hormones, health, and happiness.

About Me

I’m a women’s Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach and the founder of ‘Women with Sparkle’.

I work with any woman struggling with her hormones, health, or happiness and who feels like her “sparkle” has been snuffed out by various health or life situations.

I coach women all over the world through my online clinic and I’m thrilled to now offer face-to-face sessions at the Cherry Tree Centre in Henley-on-Thames.

I help women struggling with a range of hormonal or health issues (heavy periods, irregular cycles, PMS, Perimenopausal symptoms, IBS, skin issues, bloating, weight gain, depression, anxiety, loss of confidence etc).

Many of my clients have usually been struggling for some time before they come and see me and have not found the answers, solutions, or support they’ve desperately needed.

I work together with my clients to look holistically at their diet and lifestyle and the aim is to locate the root cause of any health, hormone, or unhappiness issue. We then create a plan on how we can help your body/mind/heart to heal and how you can get your sparkle back (ie the true essence of you!)

You’ll have an initial 60-90 minute session with me where we’ll talk about what you’re struggling with and your aim/goal for working with me. After your session, I review your notes; create your ‘Sparkle Prescription’ which is your personalised diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your desired goals and you then can start your journey to feeling healthier, happier, and more hormonally balanced.

I’m the author of the book ‘Get Your Sparkle Back’ which has been described as “Life changing!” and “A must-read for all women”. The aim of the book was to reach any woman who wasn’t able to have coaching with me to understand some of the foundational principles for having balanced hormones and a happy life.

I also speak and guest lecture at various retreats and wellness conferences on women’s health and issues. My aim is always to help bring as many women as possible more health, happiness, and hope for their lives – ie more sparkle! And I’d love to help you do that too.

I’m fully insured and a member of the British Holistic Medical Association.



  • £275 for your first 60-90 minute session with follow-up notes and recommendations
  • £150 for all other appointments
  • Split payments can be made
  • Any woman facing severe financial hardship can contact me to be put on the waitlist for a ‘pay what you can afford’ session.