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Teresa Barton

Family Mediator and Conflict Support Coach

About Me

Teresa Barton is a Family Mediator and Conflict Support Coach. She also works with a Mediation Charity helping families find a space to talk when communication has broken down. Following a Law Degree, she worked for Citizens Advice and large Housing organisation so has experience dealing with complex issues. Earlier on in her career she ran senior Regional Operation roles with several large retailers including WHS.

The mediation process works effectively because the agenda and outcomes are agreed between you both. Creative solutions that Courts do not have powers to give can be found. Where Children are involved, they are central to any decision making. Children can have a voice in the process if 10 years or older and as parents you feel that would be appropriate.

Once you get in touch, we will arrange a 1:1 meeting that lasts about an hour. This is a chance to find out more about the process and ask any questions. We will talk through what you hope to achieve and if this is the best process for you. There is an initial discussion about whether you are focussing on splitting your assets in a fair and amicable way, looking to find child arrangements that work for you or a mixture of both.

We will then arrange to have a 1:1 conversation with your partner. If you would like to engage in mediation, we will organise a joint session and start working through your Agenda. This joint mediation session is an opportunity for healthy communication, to achieve agreements that work for you both, with the assistance of a neutral trained mediator. The process can consist of as many sessions as you feel necessary to resolve the issues that suit your family circumstances.

It is often the case with mediation that communication between you and your partner will improve in the long term, and that you will therefore find creative and long-term solutions to benefit you all.



  • BSc Business and Management Degree
  • Law Degree
  • Trained in Family Mediation, Conflict Support, Neighbourhood and Civil Mediation


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