Nicola Scannell

Nicola Scannell

Civil, Commercial and Community Mediator

About me

Nicola has practised extremely successfully as a barrister at all levels including international courts, authored several leading legal textbooks, sat at board-level for many well-established organisations, chaired various committees and governing bodies, has been a leader and manager and run a successful business. Nicola’s straightforward and to-the-point approach has enabled her to promptly resolve issues concerning many different people in various walks of life.

Nicola founded White Poppy Mediation having observed that formal litigation can all too often be an expensive and emotionally exhausting way of attempting to resolve disputes, which seldom leads to wholly satisfactory results for everyone involved.

Nicola provides a voice of reason. She challenges her clients in a good way to resolve their disputes. Her approach is based on supporting people in understanding both that their opinions matter and that there are effective ways to present these in a way which avoids escalation to serious disagreements. 

Without using complicated or technical language Nicola focuses on facilitating a conversation that everyone is always able to follow while striving to achieve positive resolutions with her common-sense approach.

Nicola’s exceptional attention to detail and wealth of experience allows her quickly to cut through the disputes people are facing and support them in finding a resolution. Renowned as an expert who ‘takes her time to understand an issue’, Nicola employs her knowledge and strong skillsets to achieve the best possible outcome for those she helps.

Nicola has mediated disputes in a very wide range of disputes, for non-government organisations and for parties within the education sector. From working with law firms, to supporting headteachers at a time of need, she is attentive in her approach to understanding the issues people are experiencing. This will always play a critical role in providing the best solution.

Nicola offers mediation in all areas of dispute (other than family law) – specifically civil and commercial, construction and community disputes.



  • Masters Degree in Law and Economics
  • Called to the Bar of England
  • Trained in all areas of civil mediation, community mediation 

Registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council.