Sandra Gärtner

Sandra Gaertner

Embodied Confidence Coach

When Body meets Mind

With Embodied Confidence Coaching I combine somatic bodywork, mindfulness exercises, and coaching techniques.
For more than 13 years I have empowered people to reconnect with their own strengths, process traumatic experiences, manage stress, and overcome anxiety.

A personal crisis is often a starting point for my clients to gain clarity, confidence, and resilience, and to learn how to live the life they love.

In all this, the body provides an excellent and infinite source of energy and wisdom. Life-long experiences, dreams, and desires help to navigate through any given situation – if not caught up in tension, suppressed emotions, or limited perception. When body meets mind, people are able to pay attention, shift perspective and discover new options and directions.  So much power, potential, and joy are set free once body and mind are joined up and at ease!


About Sandra Gaertner

I am driven by the desire to enable change and improve life. It breaks my heart when I see someone giving up without trying or limiting themselves without daring to dream; when I see someone stuck in their past and caught up in trauma; when I see someone hurting and scared, in shock and in grief, and not knowing how to move on.

And I believe in each person’s individual potential. Everyone can learn to thrive, express their wishes and needs and live a fulfilled life according to their values. Sometimes it needs some support, someone who walks the path with them for a while – that’s what I am here to do:

I pay attention and hold the space for your body, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. I teach and support you to relax, recover and regain your natural strength, so you can move on. And I trust you, you are already on your way to Live the Life you Love.



  • Qualified Grinberg Method Practitioner (2008-2012)
  • Qualified Pantarei Practitioner (2016-2017)
  • Course in Trauma First Aid by Peter Levine (2021)


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