Shaun Brooking

Shaun Brooking

Biodynamic Massage Therapist, Somatic Coach and Workshop Facilitator

About Shaun Brooking

Shaun is fascinated and passionate about the human body, ever since his early days as an athlete. Being connected to his body allowed him to focus his attention, alleviate stress and build resilience in the toughest emotional disruptions. His work has spanned almost two decades and through his own therapeutic journey (body and talk therapy), he is reminded that he cannot leave the body out of his current work.

About his clients

Shaun Brooking has seen his clients reach incredible insights, change their mood, sleep better, reduce pain, and start projects they had been putting off for years. He is not saying one therapy is better than another, no, he is saying we need both as we are a complex physiological system. The body cannot just be a taxi for our brains!


About the practice

Our emotions sculpt and shape our bodies. If you’re angry, your jaw may tighten. When you’re anxious, your shoulders may lift. When you’re sad, your chest cavity may depress. Over time, these emotions will have a lasting impact on our bodies: like a tree shaped by years of weather patterns, our bodies are shaped by years of emotional patterns.

Biodynamic massage aims to work with these physical patterns, release long-held tensions, open up contractions, and alleviate physical and emotional stuckness. Shaun strongly advocates for the integration of talk therapies in conjunction with Biodynamic massage to achieve comprehensive therapeutic results.

Shaun has a rich experience working with individuals, groups and running retreats in the private and corporate sector.