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Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Henley-on-Thames

Counselling Services in Henley

If you are reading this page it’s probably because you feel that either yourself or someone you know may benefit from counselling or psychotherapy. You might also be curious about how counselling works, if there is a counsellor in Henley that will be right for you and whether the Cherry Tree Centre can offer you the right counselling service.

Life can be tough and none of us are immune to the ups and downs and challenges that life presents. Unfortunately, we all experience challenging periods, and depending on the severity we can struggle to process them.

There could be traumatic events from childhood that we find hard to move on from or we need some guidance on how to process past events and move forward.

Our lives may be dominated by a low mood, illness, anxiety, stress or depression and we may need tools and techniques to manage these difficult feelings.

Romantic relationships, friendships or family ties may start to become strained or tested and we might struggle to figure out a way through or a way out. Or we may be experiencing loss, the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship or a situation.

Wherever you find yourself right now if you need help managing or processing emotions or events, a member of our team is here to help you. 

Our Counsellors work with:

Individual Counselling
Couples Counselling
Family Therapy
Counselling Children
Children & Young People

Counselling Can Help With:

Reaching Out

Wherever you find yourself, reaching out to someone that you have never met before and then sharing personal and private information with them can be a huge step. Our counselling service in Henley has been set up to make the process of counselling as easy as possible. Our team understands which is why we aim to make the process of choosing and embarking on the therapeutic journey as comfortable and safe as possible. We also take care in helping you choose the right counsellor in Henley for you.

The reasons people seek out counselling and psychotherapy are as individual as they are. The thing they all have in common is the need for a safe, confidential space in which to process how they feel, and what they want for their future.

The type of counselling that will help will depend on the issue. Our clinical team is here to discuss options with you so do not worry if you are not sure which kind of therapy is right for you, we will guide you through the process.

Counsellor in Henley

Our Approach

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What We Offer

The Cherry Tree Centre is fortunate to have an amazing team of counsellors and psychotherapists who specialise in different areas of mental health and wellbeing. We will match you with a counsellor in Henley who will have experience working with your issue.

Counsellors may take different approaches and we can talk to you about which approach we feel would be most suited to your needs.  Most of our therapists take an integrative approach which means that they will get to know you and work with you to establish what you need. They will then use the tools and techniques that will be best suited to your needs.

One of the most important aspects of counselling is the relationship, Working with someone you feel you can trust, open up to and who works in a way that meets your needs is the most important factor. Therefore, we take the time to understand what you need and then will match you to the right therapist for you.  If we don’t get it right the first time, we are more than happy to move you to someone else.

Different counsellors bring different skills and training to the sessions and will use a variety of tools and techniques using different theoretical approaches such as:

How Does It Work?

If you need a therapist in Henley you can contact the counselling service either by phone, email or using one of our online contact forms. Once you have made contact we will take some general information from you.  If you know the name of the therapist you would like to work with we will arrange for that therapist to contact you as soon as possible. If you do not have a preference for a specific counsellor we will discuss options with you. 

During the conversation, we may gather further information to help us match you to your counsellor such as:
  • Your previous experience of counselling – This question is asked to find out which style of counselling you have enjoyed previously, what worked for you and what didn’t. For example, some clients enjoy homework and active tasks whilst others just want the space to talk. If we know your preferences we are better placed to match you correctly.
  • The issue you would like to discuss in counselling – Different counsellors specialise in different issues. It’s okay if you want to work on more than one area. Knowing the dominant issue helps us to choose someone experienced or trained specifically in the area that you need.
  • Any financial limitations you may have that could prevent you from accessing private counselling. – The Centre has a low-cost counselling service which may be available to you if you are on a low income or have limited disposable income. Counselling can be a costly investment and we want our service to be open to everyone.
  • You will be asked about your preferences for gender and the type of counsellor you would like to work with. – Our team is varied and we will do our best to match you with your preferred choice.
  • Your availability to attend sessions. – Our Centre is open 7 days per week, 8am – 9pm. Our counsellors work at different times so we can match you with someone who fits in with your schedule.
  • Do you want face-to-face counselling –  Face to Face and Zoom sessions are available.
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Matching You To Your Counsellor

Choosing the right counsellor in Henley will be important. Following our conversation, we will help match you to a counsellor that we believe will be the right person for you. They will then contact you to book you in for your first session.

We do our best to get it right but if at any time, you feel that we did not choose the best person for you, please call us and we can discuss further options.

Our aim is to give you the best counselling service we can and your feedback is important to us.


Counsellor in Henley
How long are the sessions?

Individual counselling sessions are usually 50 minutes. Please speak to your counsellor if you wish to have a longer session.

How much are the sessions?

Prices vary all depending on which counsellor you see. Individual sessions are from £60. Low-cost sessions are from £25.

Do I need to come to the Centre?

You do not need to see your counsellor in Henley as we do carry out counselling sessions online and by telephone if you are unable to come into the Centre. If you are unable to come in due to a disability or illness, we can arrange home visits.

Our Counselling Team

Amanda Pilkington-Wiggins

Registered Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Barry Redman

Company Director. Integrative Counsellor, Group Facilitator and Trainer

sex therapy in henley

Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Psychosexual Therapist and Trainer

Integrative Counsellor

Integrative Counsellor and EMDR Practitioner

trainee counselling psychologist

Trainee Counselling Psychologist

ADHD Therapist

Integrative Counsellor, ADHD Assessor, Clinical Supervisor & Trainer

Danielle Killick

Pluralistic Counsellor / Hypnotherapist / Hypno4Children ™Practitioner

Elizabeth Spill

Integrative Therapeutic Individual and Couples Counsellor

Emma Biggin

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

emma murray counsellor

Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

fiona bertram .student counsellor .JPG

Therapeutic Counsellor

imogen counsellor .JPG

Integrative Child and Adolescent Counsellor

Jackie Robertson

Person-Centred Counsellor for Adults and Young People

joanna cooke counsellor

Integrative Counsellor. Clinical Supervisor

Julia Foskett

Family Therapist and Relationship Counsellor

Kara McCormack

Birth Preparation and Birth Trauma Specialist

Karen O'Neill

Therapeutic Counsellor

Therapeutic Counsellor

Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor. Walk and Talk Therapist

Kerry Cook


kerry hulbert

Therapeutic Counsellor and Play Therapy Practitioner

Kevin Coleman

Experienced Child and Adolescent Counsellor

kirsty ball counsellor.jpg

Therapeutic Counsellor

Lawrence Littledale

Student Counsellor

Lucy Warren

Student Counsellor

Becky Richardson counsellor .JPG

Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor.


Counsellor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Sarah Newton

Pluralistic counsellor

Siv Hertling

Counselling Psychologist in Training

Susie Bradforth

Integrative Therapist. Outdoor Therapist.

Tom Coates

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist & Trainer

Person Centred and Psychodynamic Counsellor

Therapeutic Counsellor

Are you a Counsellor or Psychotherapist?

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If you are a counsellor in Henley or you are moving to the area and would like to join our team, please contact us to arrange a visit.