Emma Biggin

Emma Biggin

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

About me

Emma Biggin is a BACP psychotherapeutic counsellor practicing at the Cherry Tree Centre in Henley-on-Thames. Her counselling and psychotherapy training is to Diploma level and she has completed one year of Masters level training there which means that she has a depth of understanding and reflection to bring to her work.

Emma provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment for you to explore whatever you bring at your own pace. She believes that, given the right environment, we all have an inbuilt ability to grow and flourish. Seeing her clients change as they gain new energy and purpose (and they do) is an extraordinary privilege for Emma Biggin.

Some of her clients come with difficult or painful life experiences. Some sense that they have patterns that are habitual and difficult to get out of and that are making them unhappy. Some clients feel low and just don’t know why. Others want to embark on a journey of exploration that will allow them to find a richer, more fulfilling way of being in the world. If any of this feels like you do get in touch and see how she can help.

Emma has had success supporting people with issues such as: anxiety, depression, addiction, disordered eating, autism and ADHD, bullying, bereavement, parenting, relationship issues, and trauma recovery.


Her training is Integrative which means that she blends core ideas from different modalities – there are many overlaps between them but due to an historical lack of communication and/or geographical distance between theorists these have often been seen as conflicting rather than complementing each other. An integrative approach seeks to create an holistic approach that supports work with the whole person: thoughts, belief systems, emotions, and how these may be experienced in the body. Much scientific research is now showing how interconnected these aspects are and this knowledge is incorporated into her practice.

How She Works

Emma adjusts her style to the needs of each client, however, it may be useful for you to know a few things about the way she works. She has a relational approach. This means that she believes that making satisfying connections with other people and the wider world is central to our well-being – it can sometimes be helpful to look at where our patterns of relating may be getting in the way of our true potential for fulfillment. We are all making choices constantly to cope with life in the best way we feel able. Sometimes these choices support us, and sometimes we are using strategies that worked once, perhaps when we were young or vulnerable, but which are now out of date and stop us from getting what we really want from the world. If we can identify these fixed patterns we can make new choices that give us new possibilities

Emma works with individuals on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period. She keeps the cost of my private work intentionally competitive as she believes counselling and psychotherapy should be available to all. She welcomes clients from all backgrounds, cultures, and diverse communities and is committed to questioning her own assumptions in the process of understanding her clients.


Training, qualifications, and experience

Emma Biggin has a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from the Minster Centre (Middlesex University). She has also completed the first year of the Master’s level.

Alongside her private practice, she has also worked for a low-cost counselling service (Henley-on-Thames) for four years providing counselling and psychotherapy for clients who would not otherwise be able to access private services. She is also on the safeguarding and assessment team.

She is constantly up-grading her knowledge by attending workshops, clinical discussion groups and she has regular supervision.

Member organisations

Registered member of BACP (MBACP)