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ADHD Assessment Service

What Is ADHD And Should I Be Assessed?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that affects both adults and children and is one of the most common neuro-developmental disorders of childhood.  Obtaining a diagnosis for ADHD can be long and arduous as waiting times for an ADHD assessment on the NHS can be months if not years. The Cherry Tree Centre is fortunate to be able to offer private ADHD assessments in Henley-on-Thames for both children and adults.

Adults and Children living with ADHD may appear restless, and they may struggle with paying attention or concentrating. They may also show signs of struggling with impulse control leading to difficulties in childhood and compulsive behaviours in adulthood. 

In childhood, it may be difficult to distinguish between normal childhood behaviour and ADHD. Children can frequently struggle to concentrate. However, children with ADHD do not grow out of these behaviours with age. If undiagnosed and unmanaged ADHD can have a profound impact throughout childhood and into adulthood.

ADHD Has The Two Behavioural Types

Inattentive type

Behavioural traits will show up as a difficulty in concentrating and/or focussing. A person with ADHD may have a short attention span and can be distracted easily. Their short attention span may mean that they struggle to stick to tasks that are more time-consuming and/or repetitive or they may be prone to making mistakes and may appear forgetful. Following instructions may prove difficult and the person may appear to not listen easily. Someone with ADHD may also appear disoraganised.

ADHD Assessment
ADHD Assessment
Hyperactive-Impulsive Type

People that fall into this category may struggle to sit still, they may appear fidgety and unable to concentrate on tasks. They might talk and move excessively and struggle to take turns. They are often impulsive and act without much thought. Their restlessness may mean they interrupt others often and they will often take risks with little sense of danger.

Some people will not fall just into one category but instead, display behavioural traits of both.

How Do I Get An ADHD Assessment?

Obtaining an ADHD diagnosis will allow you or your child to get the help you need. Unfortunately, getting a diagnosis through the NHS can mean long waiting times. The Cherry Tree Centres in Henley and Buckhurst Hill offer a private ADHD assessment service using assessments that are considered to be the gold standard and are universal and used worldwide. Appointments are available on Tuesdays.

Assessment fee:  £1000

Cynthia Kelchure-Cole is a qualified ADHD Assessor and is registered by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to undertake ADHD assessments.

If you would like to book an ADHD Assessment in Henley-on-Thames or would like further information on the assessments, please contact us using one of the online forms or email info@cherrytreecentre.com.